Exploring Transformational Creativity

A few years ago, during a particularly difficult season, I began to realize that deep healing comes as I create. I have discovered that writing helps me articulate my thoughts in ways that spoken words can rarely do. Free drawing with crayons digs out hurts and fears and longings lying under the surface. Developing and using communication tools with children with disabilities brings life to my soul. Planting a vegetable garden spurs me to dream new dreams. Wandering in the park with my camera restores hope and designing a birthday card for a friend helps me forgive and love more deeply. Each time I engage in the creative process, something shifts and changes inside of me.

What happens in my heart when I hold a camera, a colored pencil or a lump of clay in my hands?

Composing a blogpost, putting my own twist on a new recipe, decorating my house and gluing a collage become sacred spaces. My heart is open and surrendered and I can see God’s heart and hear His voice more clearly. I am transformed.

I believe a crucial part of the creative process is to share, engage in the context of community, express and live out that which formerly only took place in our hearts. Something special also happens when we share our creations with others. So, I invite you to join me in this journey of exploring transformational creativity. Maybe you will read about my journey and open your heart to receive healing. Maybe you take part in creative projects with parallel with me. Maybe you will experiment in your own avenues of creativity to invite heart change and learn about God. In any way you choose to join me, I welcome the opportunity to walk with you as we seek to explore the creative process and, in so doing, seek the heart of God.