A Walk in the Woods

Last night, I did one of my favorite things—I took a walk in the woods. I just love the mottled light through the towering branches, the softness of the pine needles and fallen leaves under my feet, the smell of damp earth, the contrasting colors of the trees and ferns and soil and moss, the quietness interrupted only by wind in the leaves, birdsongs and an occasional squirrel scampering about. I find the whole experience kind of magical. Something in my soul breathes more deeply when I’m under the canopy of trees.

My walk in the woods last night was even more enjoyable than usual because I was experimenting with my brand new 35mm macro lens. I see the things around me differently—colors more vividly, shapes and patterns more clearly—when I am composing a photo. I may even enjoy everything more as I observe usually-passed-by details and discover usually-overlooked beauty. As I followed the trail with my camera over my shoulder, I saw dozens of types of mushrooms, two orange salamanders, brightly colored leaves, unique lighting, fallen logs, and (unfortunately) lots of mosquitos.

Will you take a walk with me, seeing as I see (minus the mosquitos, of course!)?








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