Two weeks ago, I spent a glorious week in Bali with a dear friend.

On the surface, it was sort of a spontaneous trip. My friend e-mailed me in March about her work trip in April. Since I hadn’t spent one-on-one time with her in five years, needed a visa run and it was Bali, I, of course, said, “Yes!” while also jumping up and down!

Looking beyond the surface though, it was a beautifully-timed gift from my Good, Good Father. This past year has been rough in many ways–a little like wandering in the wilderness. Maybe more like walking in a dark valley alongside grief, unmet longings, crushed dreams and a lot of unknown. I was tired. And my soul was parched. Eight days in Bali was like a feast table prepared in that dark valley. Like water for my soul. Like an oasis in the wilderness.

Instead of trying to put everything I experienced into words, I will let the photos speak. Know that they are images not only of what I saw and did, but the emotions they evoke also reveal the changes that settled in my heart–rest, peace, joyfulness, beauty, abundance, freshness, renewal, hope….

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