Ask, Seek, Knock

This is such a familiar passage of Scripture that I so often gloss over it, briefly intellectually assenting to its truth. This morning, though, because I enjoyed the word studies and creative writing on Romans 5 so much, I decided to try again. Maybe this time, too, looking up the Greek meanings of the words I thought I knew so well would unearth treasures beneath the surface. As I dug, I did, in fact, find many treasures that spoke life to my heart.

Here is my creative version of Matthew 7. 7-8 and 11 based on what I discovered in the lexicons (Strong’s Concordance and Thayer’s Greek Lexicon on

If you crave, desire or long for something, request it for yourself, even demand and beg for it. It will be supplied like a gift. If you need answers and resolution, strive after them with both your mind and your heart. Inquire, investigate, think, reason and meditate, weighing everything. Leave no stone unturned as you utilize all that is available to you to search it out. You will find your answers, your resolution, learning and discovering and understanding much along the way. If there be a closed door of opportunity, something blocking the way ahead, knock. If your knuckles aren’t effective, use a stick and beat harder. Be loud and consistent, expecting to gain admittance. It will be opened to you….

Your Heavenly Father knows very well how to give good gifts to His children and He delights in even more than earthly fathers. You can be confident when you ask for something—anything—from God that He will respond with His best. His gift to you will always be excellent and honorable and beneficial regardless of how it might look to you at the time. Best of all, because it comes from God Himself, it will be empowered by Him to impart life and faith to you. So, keep your eyes open wide, expecting. When God extends his hand to you with the gift, grab ahold of it and eagerly accept it as your own. Receive it with both hands and your whole heart, grateful to the Giver, the One who always hears and always responds. He cares so deeply for you.


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