Hope in a Tight Place

Yesterday morning, I decided to dig a little deeper into a verse that God highlighted for me in a meeting the night before. So, I dug out my library of multiple Bible versions and Greek lexicons (shout out to Biblehub.com!!!) to see what I could find. The ancient word meanings brought freshness and dimension to the passage I had read so many times before. God’s Word come alive to me, speaking deeply into my present circumstances. After finishing the word studies, the Holy Spirit prompted me to then write out the verses in my own words. It was such a transformational creative writing exercise that I wanted to share it.IMG_6486

Romans 5.3-5, Allyson’s version (based on Strong’s Concordance and HELPS Word-studies from Biblehub.com):

In the middle of this constricted, narrow place that feels so small sometimes I can barely breathe, I will hold my head up high. Even though there seems to be no way out and my skin is getting brush burns every time I turn around to find an exit, I will lift up my eyes. I have confidence to lift my head because my eyes can see God’s perspective and they inform my heart. This pressure that I feel all around me, weighing me down on the inside and out, will certainly and decisively make steadfastness and patience a part of who I am.


As I keep perspective and endure, I will be branded genuine, stamped with a seal of approval, proving to myself and others that I have trusted God and stood firm. Being proven true increases my joyful and confident expectation of the goodness of God and His care for me.

I have solid hope in Him that will never bring regret or confusion or disappointment. God has opened the floodgates and His agape love gushes forth into my heart, filling all of who I am and washing away all doubt and shame. His love finds all the corners and dark, dusty crevices and fills me up to the very top, so that I will always be satisfied, never be in want. God’s abundant agape love transforms the dry, cracked places of my heart and changes everything. Everything that makes me me, everything that I do and live for becomes green and fresh and full of life, soaked in the beautiful character of God. And this flood of agape love is not a one-time thing. God has furnished my heart with the permanent residence of the Holy Spirit, a continual spring of Living Water, a constant reminder that God’s love for me never runs dry. IMG_6473

3 thoughts on “Hope in a Tight Place

    1. I love that picture too! One of the most powerful ones for me as I researched the original word meanings. I love the richness of ancient Greek! May you know that gushing-forth love today in your heart!


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